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Guyanese man hospitalized in NY after losing memory

By Tracey Khan  – An elderly Guyanese man stuck in the Bellvue hospital in Manhattan New York after losing his memory is in tears and pleading for help to return to his country.  He gave his name as Ulric McDonald and Ulric Bobb called “Piah” 75, of Belladrum Village, West Coast Berbice.

Officials of GAC and UBBM with Piah” in New York hospital

“As soon as you say the name Piah they will locate me right away…I have a sister name Melrose she is the one going crazy because she want to see me so much…she build a new house and get a bedroom waiting for me…I was thinking about taking two trains and go home because I want to get out of here” he explained.
Even though he seemed disoriented and kept crying about being away from home and his family he was able to share information with Guyanese activists from the United States based non-profit organizations United Bridge Builders Mission (UBBM) and Guyana Action Committee (GAC). They are now working to help him reunite with his family and safely return home.
He cannot remember where he lived in the United States but it is reported that he has been hospitalized for some time at the facility.
Operations Director of GAC, Bonita Montaque said they are committed to helping “Piah” and once his identity is verified and relatives located the organization will pay the expenses associated with him returning to Guyana.
“We are here now and we will work night and day until we are able to locate your relatives, I know you would like to get out of here…he is in tears he’s broken he wants to come back home to Guyana he wants to come back home to his family.”
“Piah” said all of his children are in Guyana and he lost contact with them after coming to the United States.
Anyone with information is asked to contact 718-879-2662718-926-9445/914-439-4960.

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  • Concerned and Angry

    Piah came with nothing, no clothes no money, the strain is now left on the family. The GAC promised to visit and to help out but until now nothing


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