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Ex-police responsible for carjacking ring was dismissed as recruit – Crime Chief

The ex-police recently identified as the mastermind behind the carjacking ring was dismissed as a recruit, according to Crime Chief Paul Williams, in an interview with the Department of Public Information (DPI).

“We made it clear there is a man who is a former police officer, involved, but he was a recruit who was removed since college. When we would have conducted the search; because to enter the [police] force there are three background checks which are required and all three searches showed him to be in the clear. However, when he entered the college we made some observations in terms of his conduct and his behavior and [recognized] certain things that were very unethical. Right at that stage, I had recommended his dismissal and his services were terminated. I was a force training officer then,” Williams explained. 

In addition, the Crime Chief said the Guyana Police Force is an equal opportunity employer and therefore cannot discriminate in its employment practices if there is no information which supports the disqualification of an applicant. Williams assured that the police force’s vetting process is very thorough.

“If the three background checks came back to say that you are clear; you were successful in the examination; you were successful in the medical examination and so on we can’t just look at you and say you look like a thief. We can’t discriminate. We have to give you a fair chance,” the Crime Chief added.

Further, the Crime Chief lamented the disrepute often brought to the Police Force by many whose services to the security sector is short lived.

“A man could just enter the service today, sworn and be given a number; then maybe just a week or two thereafter we find out that he’s involved in criminal activities and he becomes an ex [officer] and that ex now tends to want to tarnish the reputation of this organization.”

Williams said this conduct is very discouraging, especially for himself and other members of the force who are performing creditably as they work towards reducing crime and giving the nation good service.

After months of investigations, the Guyana Police Force recently smashed the operations of a number of carjacking rings across the country. The man suspected to be the ringleader has been identified as an ex-policeman and is currently being sought by the Guyana Police Force.

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