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City vending to be regularised with establishment of database

The Mayor and City Council (M&CC) is designing a database to regularise vending within the city. The data base’s establishment comes as the Council continues to build capacity to better manage the city.

Town Clerk Royston King, at a recent press conference, said the registration for vendors has commenced and the M&CC will use this opportunity to begin the process of regularisation.

“This would allow us to monitor their activities, assist in improving their profitability and generally keep track of this industry. There is an existing agreement between the Council and street vendors. That agreement suggests certain conditions for vending on city streets, pavements and other reserves,” King explained.

The M&CC’s Information Technology Manager, Adunni Christian, added that the database will capture the general information of the vendors, as they will be outfitted with a unique identification number that will allow the Council to effectively keep abreast with each vendor.

Christian noted that it is the responsibility of the M&CC to obtain relevant information pertaining to each vendor, as it will aid in providing a safe space for the vendors but more importantly for consumers.

“From our end, what that identification will allow us to do is track their payments; the location of those vendors; so, we could understand where in Georgetown they are plying their trade and which part of the street so that we could know what is going on”, Christian stated.

Vendors are being urged to get registered with the council. The requirements for registration are a national ID card, two passport-sized photographs, TIN number and a fee of three thousand dollars ($3000). (DPI Guyana) 

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