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“Korner Kick” bar manager was repeatedly threatened – Mother

By Tracey Khan- Drakes – The mother of young businessman Tevin Parris who was murdered in his Garnett Street, Georgetown home said her son was repeatedly threatened because of the progress he was making at a young age.

Natasha Bernard explained that “my son was fearful for his life because we would have been getting several threats about coming in at Korner Kick…the only thing I can come to is greed or envy because just recently we had some threats and people seemed to think we were moving up way too fast especially for his age.”

Tevin Parris and his mother in happier times

Further, she explained that her son lost his father and it was support from his family that has helped him to excel at such a fast pace, “and he works really hard, two jobs, studying to become a Doctor and running Korner Kick…so even if it appeared he had money, he worked for every cent.”

Further, the mother noted that the family experienced many trials especially after losing Tevin’s father and the young promoter never attempted to suicide. “My son was full of life, he had plans, he even paid off for this year semester he was on the verge of completing his grandparents home in Garnett Street…I also saw him the night and he showed no signs of depression because he and I were like friends.”

When Bernard was informed that her 20-year-old son had committed suicide, she knelt on the road screaming, “they kill he, the kill he,” so she was not surprised when it was revealed that the incident was a homicide and not a suicide. She believes God has started the justice process for her son.

This newscast understands that Tevin was shot from a distance and the gun was placed in his hands to stage the crime scene.

A few days after the incident Police arrested a friend for questioning.

The arrest came hours after the Post Mortem results for the manager who was found dead on his bed stated that his injuries were not consistent with that of a suicide.

It was Commander of ‘A’ Divison Marlon Chapman who explained that Parris’ murder may have been staged to look like a suicide.

Paris, 21, was found in his home with a gunshot wound to his head last Monday. The suspected weapon was found next to his body. He was not a licensed firearm holder.

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