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Water for Christmas

During a walk-through of the Sparendaam community on Christmas Eve Day, a less fortunate resident had her water service reconnected after the amount owed was written off by management in the spirit of Christmas.
Upon finding out that she was unable to settle the outstanding balance, GWI’s Managing Director Dr. Richard Van West-Charles and Chairperson of the Board of Directors, Mrs. Patricia Chase-Greene agreed to write-off the past three-years of the customer’s overall debt.
The woman has committed to entering into a contract with GWI to pay only a small amount overall.
Regional GWI officials reconnected her service on Christmas Eve, allowing her water access for Christmas Day and the rest of the holiday season.
Officials also took the opportunity to hand over some gifts to the woman.
Meanwhile, the introduction of the newly drilled well in the community has put smiles on the faces of residents who expressed their satisfaction to the team.
Upon enquiring from customers about the service they are receiving, they related to Dr. Van West-Charles that they have seen a significant improvement in pressure and hours of supply, with access to water in the day and night.
“At first it wasn’t so good, but since they look after the well down the back there, it indeed has improved and I think it is on the whole night also and it’s a bit cleaner”, said one customer from Sparendaam.
However, some residents highlighted that they are receiving water with high iron content.
“We got water, much better than before. The pressure is good, just that we hoping the brownness clear up…otherwise to that everything is good with the water…around 10:00 pm water coming upstairs, first you used to have to wait long”, one resident named Shenetta David indicated.

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