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New York Authorities on search for relatives of hospitalized Epileptic Guyanese man

By Tracey Khan-Drakes

Bonita Montaque visiting hospitalized Guyanese man in NY facility

Bonita Montique visiting hospitalized Guyanese man in NY facility

A Guyanese man has been hospitalized in a Manhattan New York facility for almost two weeks after he was picked up off the streets by health care workers in an unconscious state.

After being taken to the hospital,  doctors learned the man suffered from epilepsy which reportedly caused his injuries, as he fell and hit his head and is now suffering from a fractured neck and memory loss.
The man gave his name as  Ishmael Mohamed, formally of Port Mourant C/tyne Berbice and now of Jamaica, Queens New York. He also gave his age as 52.
The search is on to locate Mohammed’s family since he does not have any form of identification and has provided inconsistent information about himself.
Mohammed also said he was employed as a construction worker by a Guyanese man in Jamaica, Queens.

The man’s plight was brought to light by the executives of the Guyana Action Committee (GAC) who were contacted by doctors to help reunite Mohammed with his family.

Executives of Guyana Action Committee

Executives of Guyana Action Committee

Operations Director of GAC, Bonita Montique is urging his relatives or anyone who may know him to come forward and assist them in locating his relatives.
When this newscast visited him in the hospital earlier this week, he explained that his parents brought him to America some 15 years ago, however, they moved to Texas recently.
He said he has two children and they reside in Guyana with their mother, who he has been separated from for some time. He also told doctors that he is related to the horse owner, Azeez Bachus of Port Mourant.
“We visited the address and the location he gave but was told they are not related and he has no apparent home. He has never lived there and has no fixed place of abode. We are still looking for the relatives because of the seriousness of his situation. Clothing and items will be provided for him as we involve the Guyana Consulate to New York Formally and other charitable sources for medical follow-up care which is required. Doctors recommend 24 hrs care,” Montique added.
Mohammed is expected to be discharged later this month. However, at this point, he has nowhere to call home.
The Guyana Action Committee Inc. is a non-governmental organization engaged in projects and discussions aimed at providing means for cultural economic and social change and economic empowerment for Guyanese all over the world.

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