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Guyanese man busted with 37 cocaine pellets at JFK hotel

Jermaine Smartt who traveled from Guyana recently was busted for Cocaine possession in the United States and is currently in federal custody.

Capitol News understands that as part of an ongoing investigation special agents with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) swooped down on the JFK Inn located near the JFK International Airport. Upon arrival, agents went to an identified room and Smartt opened the door.

In a sworn court document obtained by Capitol News, special agent with the DEA Alexander Sosin stated that after an exchange officers were invited into the room by Smartt. A searched was subsequently carried out and agents discovered a locked suitcase inside the Hotel Room.  After opening the suitcase agents discovered thirty-seven pellets, which were tested positively for cocaine.

According to the statement, Smartt was arrested and transported to JFK medical facility to determine whether he had any foreign bodies in his intestinal tract. The statement also reported that after the search was done the man indicated that he believed that there were two additional pellets he had

not yet passed.

Initial X-ray images were inconclusive as to the presence of additional foreign bodies and the defendant was detained until he passed all the pellets contained within his intestinal tract.

Smartt also admitted that he traveled to the United States from Guyana on April 5, 2017, and had swallowed the pellets discovered inside the suitcase prior to his trip.  Agents also recovered a strainer-like device in the hotel room’s bathroom.

Smartt is being held at the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Centre.

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