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VIDEO: Disfigured by the father of her children, this survivor needs funding for surgery

By Tracey Khan-Drakes –

Shondell’s entire face is completely disfigured – corrosive acid burnt away her nose, eye, and upper body.

Within the blink of an eye, this woman’s life was changed forever at the hands of the father of her children.

Shondell Williamson before the attack

Shondell Williamson before the attack

After enduring almost 10 years of abuse, Shondell Williamson decided that she had enough and finally summoned the courage to walk away from the relationship.

But her former lover was not prepared to let her enjoy a life away from his control.

Father of Shondell's sons, Alfred-De-Jonge

Father of Shondell’s sons, Alfred-De-Jonge

The man journeyed from Linden, Region 10 to punish the mother of his children by attacking her at a friend’s house in New Amsterdam Berbice.

Williamson is only 26-years-old and she was full of life and hope for the future.
She had just started working and was caring for her two boys away from that toxic relationship.
The perpetrator, Alfred De Younge, also known as ‘Natta Boy,’ committed the horrendous act while screaming, “If I can’t have you, no one else can.”

He was dressed as a woman and gained access to the home in New Amsterdam, Berbice.

She was hospitalised at the Georgetown Public Hospital for almost nine weeks fighting to save her sight.

Shondell’s face is badly disfigured and the extent of her injuries are so severe that she is not able to receive care in Guyana, therefore she must travel overseas for treatment to reconstruct her face and save her sight.

Despite her challenges and this setback, she intends on becoming an advocate for domestic violence and wants to both women and men who are dealing with this prevalent social ill in Guyana.



Since leaving the hospital Shondell is being cared for by her family. Her elder sister, Lottia Williamson while sharing with this news entity how they are coping with this situation, broke down in tears.

Fortunately, Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Saving Hands Emergency Aid (SHEA) has been able to secure treatment services for her at a top US hospital, where she will receive state of the art treatment, from some of the best doctors in the field.
or, directly to her bank account in Guyana: Bank: GBTI
Name: Lottia Williamson
Account#: 0010- 6249 – 2017

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