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VIDEO: ‘Beating Granny’ breaks silence, defends parenting methods

By Tracey Khan-Drakes – 

The abusive Tain Corentyne Berbice grandmother who was arrested following media reports of her abusing the 9-year-old child of her late daughter has broken her silence.

The woman is defending her parenting method and has instead cast blame on her next door neighbour for her actions towards the child.

Capitol News spoke with her last week at her home. Initially, she was reluctant to speak with us but explained herself in this video.

The woman who goes by the call name ‘Rita’ is a cleaner at a Corentyne Primary school and she also cleans shrimp at the market. She is solely responsible for taking care of her late daughter’s children.

Her daughter who resides at the home with her told this news outlet that the woman is having a hard time financially to care for the children and she believes this is the reason for her anger towards the child.

She has promised to ensure her mother no longer abuse the child. However; the grandmother seems stuck in her ways and could not give this newscast reassurance that she will no longer hit the child.

The motherless girl has been reportedly enduring physical and emotional abuse by the woman who was expected to care for her and another sibling after their father abandoned, soon after their mother’s funeral.

On Tuesday, we learnt that Inspector Ian Welch of the Albion Police Station was so moved by the child’s plight that he acted immediately after seeing the video and made his way over to the home of the grandmother.

Welch along with inspector Altia Solomon took the grandmother in for questioning and she admitted to repeatedly ‘beating’ the older child for what she deemed ‘bad behaviour’.

She was then placed in the lockups and a police investigation has been launched into the matter.

Child Care Services in Berbice visited the home after the story broke and has finally launched an investigation into the incident.

The children’s mother died some five years ago due to pregnancy complications and their father disappeared shortly after.

The children will now likely be given help and this is as a result of a caring villager who took it upon herself to ensure these children are rescued from their situation and

Some of the instances of abuse were even captured on tape:

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