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UPDATE: Police arrest abusive Tain Granny 

By Tracey Khan-Drakes –
The abusive Tain Corentyne, Berbice grandmother was arrested Tuesday afternoon and taken into custody at the Whim police station following a news report by this outlet with video evidence of her abusing the 9-year-old child of her late daughter.
The motherless girl has been reportedly enduring physical and emotional abuse by the woman who was expected to care for her and another sibling after their father disappeared, soon after their mother’s funeral.
Capitol News broke the story and exposed this instance of abuse after it was brought to our attention by persons in the village who have tried tirelessly in the past to help the child.
On Tuesday we learned that Inspector Ian Welch of the Albion Police Station was so moved by the child’s plight that he acted immediately after seeing the video and made his way over to the home of the grandmother.
Welch along with inspector Altia Solomon took the grandmother in for questioning and she admitted to repeatedly ‘beating’ the older child for what she deemed ‘bad behaviour’.
She was then placed in the lockups and a police investigation has been launched into the matter.
The children are now left with their aunt who has reportedly condoned the abuse. Child Care Services in Berbice has finally launched a serious investigation into the incident following repeated calls from this newscast about the child.
The children’s mother died some five years ago due to pregnancy complications and their father disappeared shortly after.
The children will now likely be given help and this is as a result of a caring villager who took it upon herself to ensure these children are rescued.
Some of the instances of abuse were even captured on tape.

The grandmother is reportedly in her mid-forties and cleans shrimp at the Rose Hall Town market and is reportedly financially frustrated by the responsibilities that come with caring for two young children.
The children are reportedly made to do the strenuous household tasks before leaving for school daily. It was also related to this newscast that when these tasks are not performed basic necessities are withheld from them.

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  • Lynette Embleton

    I can understand the grandmother’s frustration, but that’s no excuse to abuse those innocent children,.Imagine they are her late daughter’s children, and that’s how she treats them..Such a shame.Children needs to be loved, when they are shown love they would learn to be better children, regardless of their situations

    • sharon

      poverty is one main factor that leads to all this, death of the mother n disapperance of the father makes it even worse for a grandmother to takecare of them but at the same time u cant allow the stress to whoop them so mercilessly i hope the govt. grand her some financial help n conselling to deal with this situation ,i also believe that all kids are a blessing from God n we have to learn to take care of these blessings or else we can destroy them. God calls each of us to do a job n we must respond in a manner to please God so that we can gain our rewards .This woman was choosen by God to play this role n she needs to understand that n play it well.

  • Anonymous

    Shameless grandmother😡

  • Melessa

    Good work Tracy and capitol news team. Keep it up

  • Shabita

    What could this innocent child possibly do so wrong to deserve that beating… I don’t care if the grandmother is frustrated or poor or whatever every excuse they want to use, it’s wrong and painfully to hear that little girl crying… after looking at this clip it just messed my whole day up.

  • Indy

    My heart bleeds when children are being abused. Dear God, please help these children. Children needs to be loved and later they will know how to love others.. This clip makes me cry.


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