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VIDEO: Tain grandmother accused of abusing motherless girl 

By Tracey Khan-Drakes –

A Tain Corentyne, Berbice grandmother has been accused of physically and emotionally abusing her late daughter’s 9-year-old child for several years.

The children’s mother died some five years ago due to pregnancy complications and their father disappeared shortly after.
Their grandmother immediately began caring for them and has been their guardian but she is said to be very abusive to one of the children who is constantly beaten for minor infractions, according to concerned persons who are demanding that the children are rescued.
This matter was brought to the attention of this news outlet on Monday (March 20) by concerned persons who stated that numerous reports were made to the police, welfare officers and other officials of the region who all allegedly turned a blind eye to these children’s plight.
Some of the instances of abuse were even captured on tape.
The grandmother is reportedly in her mid-forties and cleans shrimp at the Rose Hall Town market for a living. She is said to be financially frustrated by the responsibilities that come with caring for two young children.
The children are reportedly made to do strenuous household tasks before leaving for school daily. It was also related to this newscast that when these tasks are not performed basic necessities are withheld from them.
This newscast contacted officials of the child care service in region 6 and they have promised to look into this case.

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    It would be nice if “THEY GUYANA GOVERNMENT”, help out this family financially or “A GO FUN ME ACCOUNT” setup for this family, before it’s too late.

    Just Suggesting!!!


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