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Search for Tony continues 22-years after beach accident

By Tracey Khan-Drakes –

A brother is hoping his family can find closure, almost 22 years after his younger sibling went missing.

Anthony Patrick Marks called ‘Tony’ went missing on 13th, August 1995 at the No. 63 Beach during a family outing.


A sketch of missing Anthony Patrick Marks called ‘Tony’

The husband and father of five who was said to be a good swimmer ventured into the water on the day in question with a few friends but never made it out according to his brother, Phillip Marks. The older brother who became emotional as he relived that painful experience, spoke to Capitol News from his New York home recently.

On the day in question, it was spring tide and his brother (Tony) and friends walked through the water and onto the sand bank where they relaxed for some time.

“As they were leaving the beach they got caught in a strong current, and they were forced to swim to shore to save their lives for about 30 minutes before making it back, but my brother did not make it…Tony was telling them how to swim to get to the beach and they made it and that helped save their lives” Phillip stated.

He further related to Capitol News that,  they told him (Tony) swim but then they saw Tony’s eyes were blood shot red, and he shook his head as if he was giving up and he just float away and then disappear.”

This new urge to find Tony is actually linked to the recent discovery of remains found at No. 55 foreshore recently by police in Berbice. Investigators believe the remains are about ten years old and it was sent for DNA testing.

This has the family wondering if it isTony so they may finally find closure and can put this tragedy behind them.

“If you don’t find somebody, you never get closure…if it’s him we will get closure, if not then we will keep searching…we may even have to go back to the beach and search…there is always that emptiness and pain not knowing, suppose he’s out there and can’t remember us and has a new life…we never found him back so we can’t prove he is dead…it’s like an unsolved mystery” a hopeful Marks said.

Following the mishap, the family searched tirelessly for 13 days and nights.

“That was my brother and I loved him, he was a very nice and helpful person…he was a mechanic and repaired ovens for a living.”

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