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No limit on business hours – Town Clerk 

Under fire, City Hall has come out refuting media reports that it will enforce a limit on business hours in the capital. The report stated that businesses operating in the city will be closed on weekdays, weekends and holidays at 4:30.p.m. 

However; Town Clerk, Royston King labeled the report erroneous, absurd and aimed at deliberately tarnishing the image of the council. 

He admitted that concerns were raised by citizens about the effects stores that open for long hours create, but consideration was not given to time enforcement. 

“Some vendors raised the issue of stores opening for protracted periods of time doing business and it was their belief that stores should be closed at a particular time…the Mayor who was at the time speaking with stakeholders suggested that perhaps she should write to the Ministry of Labour enquiring about the times that businesses on regent street, water street and those operating within the city of Georgetown should open and should close.” 

It was reported that during a meeting last week held by Mayor, Patricia Chase-Green, when the announcement was made. King came out in strong defense of this quite to the contrary. 

“There was no suggestion on the part of the Mayor and certainly on anyone’s part that City Hall would be moving to close businesses at 4:30.p.m and on holidays and on Saturdays, that is completely erroneous, that is absurd and I don’t know exactly where that is coming from.” 

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