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Bandits disarm licensed firearm holder during robbery

A city businessman was on Wednesday robbed of $4M dollars in cash and his licensed firearm taken away during a robbery at Station Street, Kitty.

Rudolph Dyal, who distributes Namilco products, had moments before parked his truck and was making his way home a short distance away when three men pulled up in a silver Allion PRR 6124 and demanded his day’s earnings.

The men were all armed with high-powered rifles including an AK47, and two 9MM’s. After the bandits had secured the cash, Dyal was body searched and it was then that the men found and took away his .32 Taurus.

As they were making their escape, one of the bandits fired a shot in the air.

Persons nearby complained about the police’s response to the crime scene. A patrol is now in search of the men.

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