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NCN’s board fires Programme Manager

Veteran broadcaster and Programme Manager of the National Communications Network (NCN) Ron Robinson was last Friday (January 06) released from his senior position by the Network’s board.

Robinson’s firing comes almost 5 months ahead of the end of his one-year contract which ends in May of 2017.  He received the news of his termination via a letter from the board, which he says, gave no reason in writing for their decision.

When he signed his contract with the state-owned company in May of 2016, he was given a probationary period, however, in September he was told, the board would not be confirming him, but would instead be extending his probation.

Speaking to Capitol News exclusively, Mr. Robinson believes his outspokenness against the discriminatory treatment of then pregnant news presenter, Natasha Smith, who was pulled off the air for her protruding baby bump may have further soured his relationship with NCN’s Chief Executive Officer, Lennox Cornette, ultimately leading to his dismissal.

Further, he explained, “I feel that I have been making changes and some have not been  favourable and a lot of misrepresentation was made to the board about me by the CEO…we were not one on many issues, he didn’t approve of many of my methods…and he does a lot of micro managing at NCN.”

Mr. Robinson added that since taking up his post at NCN he has made numerous changes, including building the staff’s morale. He believes the close relationship he was forging with the staff was seen as a threat by some in management.

“I feel I have been treated unfairly by NCN,” he stressed.

He is now contemplating whether to take the offer of consultancy trainer for announcers being offered by the board.

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