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LATEST: Four charged with murder of No. 70 Village man


Confessed killers of Faiyaz Narinedatt Four men from Berbice were moments ago charged in the Georgetown Magistrates’ court for the murder of 27-year-old Faiyaz Narinedatt, of No. 70 Village Corentyne, who was beaten unconscious and run over by a car on the public road.

The men appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann McLeann and were not required to plead to the indictable charge of murder.
Those charged are Excavator operator and father of two, Radesh Motor, 39,  Diodat Datt, 18, Harripaul Parsram, 49 all of No. 71 Village. The court heard that Parsram is married and a father of three who has a heart complication and hire car driver and father of two, Nirone Yacood, 37 of No. 67 Village was also charged .
The Police Prosecutor requested two weeks from the court to complete the file since the matter is still under investigation.
The matter was transferred to the Springlands Magistrates’ Court and the next date has been set for December 08, 2016.
The Upper Corentyne Berbice men admitted to their involvement in the murder and implicated an overseas based Guyanese businessman as the mastermind.
The accused told investigators from the Major Crimes Unit in Georgetown last week that the father of two was beaten unconscious, then placed in the trunk of a car and taken to the public road where he was run over by a car to stage the crime as a road accident and not a homicide.
Narinedatt met his demise after rejecting the alleged mastermind’s sexual advances. The wealthy businessman attempted to fondle Narinedatt who was intoxicated but was met with a slap from narinedatt.
The seemingly embarrassed and angry businessman allegedly instructed two villagers to “beat him and kill him and he is going to ensure that everything is okay.”
It was Narinedatt’s family’s insistence that caused the hierarchy of the force to remove police ranks from Upper Corentyne from the case. City investigators took over and acted swiftly to bring some of the perpetrators to justice. However; the businessman is back in the United Sates of America and could be returned to Guyana to face justice.
Two police officers based at the Springlands Police Station, who allegedly compromised investigations, because of their ties to the mastermind are under investigation. On Monday, November 21, they were required to give statements to city investigators. It was police ranks from Springland who ruled the incident as a hit and run.
Meanwhile, two female relatives of the confessed killers attempted on Saturday (November 19) to thwart police investigations into the murder were  detained and will be charged with obstructing justice, later today (November 22).Female relatives of  alleged  killers charged with obstructing justice

One of the women is reportedly the mother of the alleged mastermind behind the killing, while the other is a sister of one of the suspects, who confessed to the crime.
The women turned up at the Major Crimes Unit with $4M to pay for the release of the suspects.
The husband and father of two died of multiple injuries, including a fractured skull and a broken spine, the post-mortem examinations revealed.



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