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Christian leaders denounce pope’s ungodly threats against critics

By Tracey Khan-Drakes

11140028_694245344034982_1391215912812647528_nDays after the defamed and self – proclaimed Guyanese Pope issued threats of vengeance against critics and more particularly media operatives, several Christian leaders have come forward to denounce his rhetoric as ungodly.

Over the last few weeks, ‘Pope London’ grabbed headlines and has been trending on social media during the unfolding of his shocking sex tape scandal with multiple women from his church.
During his Sunday, November 20 church service, the ‘pope’ gave several chilling examples of tragedies that struck many persons who persecuted him in the past. Among those tragedies are a brutal death, serious injuries, and earthly losses.
One victim was a woman who had an encounter with him (London) over delayed payment for the rental of her minibus.
He explained that “she cursed me, guess what the next week the bus crash right opposite convention center and she alone broke her neck, now you may say that is just coincidence,” to which his followers shouted, “don’t touch God’s anointed.”
He listed another example of a man cursing in front of his home, shouting he hates pastors and told the story of how the man tragically lost his life to which his followers shouted, ‘amen.  “They coming from Timheri or some racing and his head came off right opposite by me.”

'Pope London' at his Sunday service

‘Pope London’ at his Sunday service

“We were at the Park Hotel, all of a sudden they started to treat us badly and do all manner of things with us, and we had to move. We move from Park Hotel it wasn’t two months after it was burnt flat…we were at another place in Vlissengen road, ‘off the wall’ the people started harassing us, we moved, it burnt flat, every time persons touch the anointed, they get trouble…I can tell you stories after stories of persons who did that and died.”
To the media operatives who attended the service, ” I hope y’all don’t have an agenda because my lovely friends you don’t want evil visiting you and your family, I am not threatening you I am telling you what happens…the smart thing to do is say I will leave that man alone,” he warned with support from his energized and loyal followers.
“Pope London went as far as to point out Capitol News’ senior journalist, Royston Drakes, who had been reporting on the scandal.
Following several reports in the press on these direct threats Popular Gospel singer ‘Kester D’ said: “if anything happens to anybody the police should hold London accountable.”
He also called on the police to investigate tragic past incidents that have taken place against persons who had encounters with London.
Meanwhile, Guyanese Pastor, Kwame Gilbert who now resides overseas stated that “to suggest that God will punish those who have brought exposure to his sins is not only inconsistent with the character of God but reveals a level of  idiosyncratic belief that borders on insanity.”
Pastor Gilbert also stressed that his intent is not a pronouncement of judgment,  but rather a defense of  the integrity of Christianity as a faith.  “There is nothing wrong with Christianity.  The problem is with those who represent this faith. And what a terrible job we have done at times.”
“When we accept the calling and assume the functions of  “Men of God” we all do so with the awareness and commitment that we will be held to a higher standard both spiritually and morally. In this regard, the brother in question has not demonstrated that he understands the fundamental  principles of self-governance and Godliness.”
He expressed concerns about Mr. London’s  continuous egregious attempts to corrupt the doctrinal integrity of scripture to justify himself, adding that, “what is painfully obvious is that genuine repentance has not occurred.”
Meanwhile, Apostle Nigel London who has been vocal about this matter called on more Christian leaders to come forward and speak publicly against the practices of Philbert London since it is not a part of Christianity.
“This is beyond disgusting…this man is speaking loudly while those who are called righteous are quiet…something is wrong with that…how have we gotten to this place where our leaders spiritually cannot speak to matters of this nature…that has affected the integrity of the church…you leaders will have to give an account for this.”
Apostle Alex Selorm, of Revealed World Christian Center, spoke of the negative impact this scandal is having on the Christain faith and many are now attempting to paint all spiritual leaders with one brush. He added that more leaders need to speak out and ensure youths are not of the view that the ‘pope’s actions are permissible in the eyes of God.

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