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New lease on life for severely burnt child


Can you imagine seeing your toddler in constant unbearable pain and not being able to do anything about it? Well, Rol Rogers’ faith was tested for almost two years as he tried tirelessly to take that pain away from his only child, but to no avail.

Ranie at age 16 months

Now the light has finally come at the end of this dark tunnel and it is shining brightly for his daughter Ranie Imani Rogers, who was severely burnt when a portable kerosene stove fell on her head at just 16 months old.

With the help of hundreds of selfless donors, Ranie recently underwent several skin graft surgeries and successfully completed them in the United States. The skin was taken from her leg to be grafted to her head.

Doctors say that the treatment is a process and will take time for her to fully heal.

The surgeries were facilitated through US-based Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), Saving Hands Emergency Aid (SHEA).

After a brief check-up yesterday (November 16), Ranie was given a clear bill of health and discharged from the hospital. She and her father, Rol Rogers will be returning to Guyana soon.

Then, in June of 2017 they will return to the US for corrective and cosmetic surgeries.

Ranie with President of SHEA Charity in the US before surgery

President of SHEA Charity, Lori Narine spoke to Capitol News and explained that “when she returns, if her doctors are pleased with the results from her healing process, they will move forward with laser surgery to smoothen out and remove any bumps from the grafted skin. They will also focus on repairing her right ear, since most of it is missing.”

In the past, Ranie had undergone two separate unsuccessful skin-graft surgeries in Guyana. Despite the sincere efforts of doctors, the grafted skin did not adhere and her wounds remained fresh.

Ranie and her father Rol Rogers

Her elated father believes the kindness of the SHEA Charity will give his daughter a chance to go to school and lead a productive life into adulthood.

Rogers who is  a building contractor has downed his tools and is solely caring for his recovering daughter.

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