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Preparations moving forward for Guyana’s 50th independence parade

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  • NDTewarie


    How come I am not seeing any East Indians taking part.? Are only blacks in Guyana? What culture does the black have? What about the Hindu and Muslim’s cultures? What are you celebrating?
    The only thing I can think of is the eradication of the PPP and that is a good thing.
    I visited Guyana recently and all I see are some very impressive buildings and a some very rich people and all around elsewhere was poverty. Georgetown seems to be coming back to be the Garden City but how long would it last? Many areas of Georgetown and Kitty are dangerous to stroll or walk in the evenings. Remember the same people were living there for over 30 years and they never lift a finger to clean the city. Guyanese have to go back to basics, plant and don’t depend on hand-outs from abroad. In Canada, the expats have 3 moths of sunshine if they are lucky, and they reap tomatoes, squashes, bora, peas, potatoes and bhajee etc which they can freeze for the whole year.
    Guyanese have 12 months of sunshine, the land is rich and they can plant and there, my fellow man is your problem, they are too lazy to help themselves.
    Folks you have to get off your FAT LAZY BACON AND HAM ASSES and PLANT. BURNHAM had a SLOGAN which you all should embrace.



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