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Berbice baby adjusting well after kidnapping ordeal

By Tracey Khan-Drakes

The Berbice baby boy who was kidnapped at just 9 days old and found weeks later at a home in Chesney Front, Corentyne Berbice is doing remarkably well, according to his mother Sandra McLean.

Yuvesh Bistonauth who is affectionately called ‘baby Avi’ will celebrate his 2nd birthday in May. When Capitol News visited the family recently at their upper Corentyne home, ‘Avi’ proved to be quiet a handful of joy. At first he was not too excited about the camera in his face but was easily calmed by the sight of his mother.
Speaking to Capitol News recently, the mother said ‘Av’ keeps the family busy and is an active character. The child was kidnapped on May 24, last year by Baitoon Hussain in the vicinity of Rose Hall Town Corentyne after the woman accompanied the child’s mother to the market under the pretext that she wanted to help the struggling family.

The women developed a friendship two days after ‘Avi’ was born, when the kidnapper visited the Skeldon hospital. She was encouraging and kind to the young mother. The following day she returned and gave the mother $5,000 as a gift to the new born. On the baby’s ninth day, the kidnapper picked up the mother and baby from the hospital and promised to take them shopping. It was then that she kidnapped the baby.


Meanwhile, the mother of three is expecting her fourth child soon. She settled the matter in the Court shortly after the woman was charged with kidnapping and accepted $500,000 as settlement. Before settling the matter, the mother said she took into consideration the pleas of Hussain’s family along with the fact that the matter could go on in the Court for years.
According to her, no amount of money could compensate her family for the pain they felt when her son was kidnapped as she was forced to pawn personal items and even borrow money from friends while he was missing. The settlement was only enough for the family to repay the debt they incurred while searching for their missing infant.

You may remember seeing the couple pleading with the kidnappers to return their son, almost two years ago.
Life has not been easy for the 22 – year – old mother who has been struggling with her husband to make ends meet and to provide their children with a decent life. However, her husband begun working full time and things seem to be improving.
The kidnapper worked in the interior as a cook for a gold miner and later developed an intimate relationship with the man. During the relationship, the man allegedly told the woman the only way he would make her his wife only if she gives birth to a son. This reportedly drove the woman to kidnap the infant.
The child was found with the woman and her relatives at a house in Chesney Village, after police acted on information and swopped down on them.

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