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Update: Woman who threatened President Granger on ‘FB’ remains in police custody

Safoora Salim 2Bibi Safoora Salim was kept in police custody overnight, as investigations into her infamous Facebook comments, “Granger want a bullet in head…I am out of a job now because of them,” which sparked intense race debate from all quarters of society, continues to be investigated.

The threats against President, David Granger is receiving attention from members of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) headquarters, Georgetown.

Salim and her son were detained earlier this morning (March, 31) by police however, the man was questioned and later released.

Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum spoke to Capitol News last evening, and explained that due to the sensitive nature of the matter, he was not releasing additional information, as efforts are underway to interrogate the other two suspects, Victor Singh and Milly Mangar.

Mangar and Singh are two overseas- based Guyanese, who also posted racially-inciting comments on social media against the President and Guyanese of African ancestry.

However; Singh who is a Canadian-based Guyanese businessman, is fighting back and claims that Facebook account is ‘fake’ and does not belong to him.

“I arrived at the conclusion of the attempts to implicate me because my photographs were taken from my authentic Facebook profile and imported into the contentious post on social media.  I can with complete confidence say that the particular fake profile bearing a similar name to mine is no way connected to me,” the statement read.

It is unclear whether these three persons will be charged under the, “racial hostility act, for attempting to incite excitement, hostility or ill-will on grounds of race.”

According to Chapter 23 of the Act, “a person shall be guilty of an offence if he willfully excites or attempts to excite hostility or ill-will against any section of the public or against any person on the grounds of their or his race, by means of words spoken by him in a public place or spoken by him and transmitted for general reception by wireless telegraphy or telegraph; or by causing words spoken by him or by some other person to be reproduced in a public place from a record; or by means of written (including printed) matter or pictorial matter published by him”.

Any person found guilty of this offence shall be liable on summary conviction to a fine of $65,000 and to imprisonment for two years.

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