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Sophia Residents clash with police over “illegal” polling place

aaA prolonged skirmish in C field Sophia as residents there set fire to several vehicles, persons were shot with pellets by riot police, a house was looted and a stable burnt. It all started earlier today when some electors approached a house which they believed was the site of irregular activity involving the polls. Thehouse is said to belong to a Pastor who is also an activist for the ruling Party. PPP parliamentarian JosephHamilton and his sons were also said in the house at the time of the incident. Capitol News understands that the Police were called in earlier today after the house was surrounded and they endeavored to investigate the claims of the electors and found no such situation. The situation became more heated after the close of the polls ending with the subsequent setting alight of the vehicles and the stable. The situation on the ground was chaotic as a standoff between the community members and police in riot gear ensued. A helicopter hovered above to provide backup to the ranks on the ground. It was not until members of the Guyana defence Force arrived on the scene that some sort of calm prevailed.

Earlier in the day there was another incident involving a ballot box in which the man accused by electors of wrongdoing was given a sound thrashing. In both cases the electors claimed to be acting to protect their democratic right to elect a government of their choice.

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