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APNU/AFC Coalition for 2015 Elections

20150214_182838What has been talked about for several years in Guyana has finally happened to a point, there will be a coalition of opposition parties with the majority in the last Parliament contesting the upcoming elections. A Partnership for National Unity and the Alliance for Change have agreed to contest the May 11th 2015 Elections on a Single Slate.

The agreement between the two Opposition forces was signed today February 14, 2015 at the Georgetown Club in what has been described as a historic combination of parties to topple the ruling People’s Progressive Party Civic from office. The Valentine’s Day Agreement that is being labeled as the Cummingsburg Accord will see the APNU and the AFC in a virtual 60-40 combination sharing portfolios and seats if the coalition wins.

The APNU will field the Presidential Candidate and the proposed nominee is Brigadier Retired David Granger, the AFC has nominated Attorney Moses Nagamootoo as the Prime Ministerial Candidate. Both men say that the intent is to put Guyana First in what is now a Grand Coalition.

The Guyana Constitution requires the parties contesting elections to coalesce before going any Election. The party/coalition that garners the largest single bloc of seats in the General Elections takes control of the government and wins the Presidency.

The Coalition will announce its Symbol and will launch its campaign in the coming days.


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