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Plaisance residents say Whittaker “stranger to the truth”

aa6The minister is backing his man for the post of overseer at Plaisance, but residents are keeping watch at the Industry/Plaisance neighbourhood democratic council to avoid the minister’s  appointee from being installed.

The residents are backing the long serving overseer saying that she best suits the job and has the experience. The minister Norman Whitaker does not agree. He said the acting overseer does not have enough experience or qualifications. Shawn Austin who is leading the protest against the government imposed overseer is accusing the minister of having a double standard approach to this issue.

Another issue that is affecting the community is the refusal of the government to make available lands aback of the village. Residents said that the land were vacant for close to 15 years so they decided to squat on them.

Guysuco then moved in with the police and flooded the area, saying that they were preparing the lands for cane planting.

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