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Another missing report in file for Complaints Authority

aaaThe police file is with the Chairman of the Police Complaints Authority but he told this newscast that the file does not include the post mortem report.

Speaking with Capitol News, Justice Cecil Kennard said that there are two versions of the Hill Street, Albouystown shooting incident. He said it would be difficult for him to offer advice without the post mortem report.

Initially, the police version was that Bishop was shot after he made efforts to relieve the policeman of his firearm during which a round was discharged to his neck.

Albouystown residents had a different version of the shooting; they are claiming that Bishop was beaten, placed in the police vehicle and that was when the gunshot  was fired.

Kennard told Capitol News that the police investigators were able to obtain statements from residents but it was only one person who witnessed the entire ordeal.

Residents are saying the shooting stemmed from a confrontation between Bishop and his ex-girlfriend, who is a CID rank. He reportedly dealt her a few slaps and she left the scene and returned with the police.

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