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Whittaker stands by Plaisance Overseer appointment

aaa6Plaisance residents want him out but the Minister of Local Government Norman Whitaker as expected is sticking by his appointee.

In a release to the media through the government information agency Whittaker refuted claims made by residents, saying that the newly appointed overseer Orlando Jardine, was selected fairly using a democratic process.

Plaisance residents say that is far from the truth. In fact they are claiming that the man had a criminal past, he lacks the experience and he is not qualified for the job.

Minister Whittaker said that the residents were misinformed and misguided on the appointment of the overseer. Jardine’s appointment, the Minister explained followed a standard required procedure implemented in all of the 65 NDCs. According to the Minister, the recent appointment of the Industry/Plaisance, overseer among others were all subjected to the same requirement. In fact, the Minister explained that the vacancies for these positions were altogether advertised by the Ministry in many of the national newspapers.

However residents are saying that persons with the necessary qualifications applied but they were rejected. They are also determined to stick by the long serving overseer in the community. According to the residents the woman has 15 years’ experience. In Jardine’s case the minister said he has the necessary qualifications for the job and he is currently pursuing a diploma at UG.

Touching on the land issue Whittaker said his government has no intention to sell. He said the land is GUYSUCO’s and  is currently being prepared for cane planting.

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