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Plaisance residents block appointment of new NDC overseer

aaIt was not a warm welcome today for the government selected overseer at the Plaisance Neighborhood  Democratic Council. That decision was met with strong resistance from the residents who came out in their numbers and blocked the entrance to the NDC. The appointee to the chair then turned up to take up office and he did not receive a warm welcome. Some residents alleged that the man had a criminal past and was not fit for the job.

He is replacing the long serving overseer for the past 15 years at Plaisance.  Residents are calling for the holding of local government elections to fix this and the many other problems in the community.

Meanwhile in the wee hours of the morning the police and Guysuco employee swooped down on the lands the residents set their sights on for housing purposes.

Workers began flooding the fields as the lawmen watched closely to ensure that the peace was maintained. Some of the aggrieved residents told this newscast that this latest move was a spiteful one since in their opinion the land was vacant for more than 15 years.

A woman then alleged that a Guysuco security official pulled his gun on her as she attempted to go on the land.

The residents told reporters that they decided to take back the land after receiving word that it was sold to a private developer. However GUYSUCO officials are saying that they are preparing the land for cane planting.

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