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Train our Policemen better

Former commissioner of police Winston Felix has waded in on the police shooting death of robbery suspect Adrian Bishop in Hill Street Albouystown.

He described the shooting as ridiculous and said it was becoming a norm.

The police’s office of professional responsibility and CID are currently investigating the matter.

The police’s version is that suspect was shot after he made efforts to relieve the rank of his firearm during which a round was discharged which struck him in the neck.

Albouystown residents had a different version of the shooting; they are claiming that Bishop was beaten, placed into the police vehicle and then they heard a gunshot go off.

Bishop’s girlfriend told reporters that the incident stemmed from a confrontation between Bishop and his ex girlfriend who happens to be a CID rank. She said the man dealt the woman a few slaps and the officer left the scene and returned with the police.

What is worrying to the police top brass is the CID rank’s association with the known suspect.

Now the APNU has been calling on the government to provide the necessary training, which will ensure that policemen and women behave in a professional manner.

The suspect Bishop was no angel and had his fair share of problems with the law he only recent was released from prison on a multi-million dollar robbery under arms matter.

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