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Opposition protests delay in Elections

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 6.39.02 PMOpposition Leader David Granger led from the front today in the first of a series of street protest in demand for a date for the holding of local government elections.

Granger said that local government elections are mandated by the constitution. He said it was President Ramotar who promised to have those elections within one year of being elected.

Granger said the municipalities are in a mess and there is a need for new councils.

Granger said it’s a whole chain of events that prompted this action. Back in February of this year the local government election amendment bills was passed by the national assembly, demanding elections by the first of August, the president has not assented to that bill.

Granger wrote to the President demanding he set a date for the elections by September 15th the President refuse and is now offering to meet the opposition leader.

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