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Under siege

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 6.47.56 PMNew allegations have surfaced about the de facto town clerk Carol Sooba personal bodyguard Shawn Hinds’ involvement in security matters at the council.

Today deputy major Patricia Chase Green said that Hinds who is no stranger to the law was allegedly involved in a briefing of new city constabulary recruits in the council chambers.

Hinds in an interview with this newscast denied the allegations.

Now the council has always expressed reservations about Hinds presence in the compound of the city hall. Yesterday the city’s chief citizen Mayor Hamilton Green wrote to the chief constable on the issue.

Chief Constable Andrew Foo said it is not the tradition of the constabulary to have civilians involved in security operations.

The mayor and most of the Councillors feels that city hall is under siege by the ruling party and Sooba is being used as an instrument to stir up trouble. Chase Green then spoke of attempts by the acting town clerk to bribe the mayor.

While all of this is taking place Councillors and other concerned citizens are calling for local government elections to deal with the problems facing the city.

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