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Just a gimmick

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 6.59.19 PMThe Alliance for Change leader Khemraj Ramjattan has come out firing at the government over that Surendra Engineering deal that fell through.

According to Ramjattan what is alarming from the beginning the company had never put in any bid bond, yet won the contract. He said what is more shameful is that Surendra never built a hospital and yet won the contract. He said credit must be given to the new Indian government for not releasing the funds for this contract.

The government announced that it was terminating  Surendra’s contract for the Specialty Hospital based on fraudulent documents submitted  and its poor performance on the project. BK International, which had done the preparatory works at the Turkeyen location, has taken legal action against Surendra Engineering for some $400million dollars  it is owed.

The government is also planning to take legal action to recover the US 4million dollars they already handed over to Surendra.

Ramjattan described the government threats to take the company to court as a gimmick.

The company is firing back saying that all allegations of fraud or financial irregularities made by the government are completely baseless and without merit.

Ramjattan said for a while now his party was concerned about the Surendra firm since it was blacklisted by GUYSUCO for producing poor quality spare parts.


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