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Housing Woes

Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 12.23.37 PMTwo months ago, eighteen families living behind the Chinese Embassy were told by housing officials that plots of land earmarked for them will be ready for habitation. The families who are ready to move, said since July no official of the Ministry has contacted them on the status of their lands.

The residents also disclosed that they are beginning to feel that they are caught up in a scam involving the Ministry to get them off the land so that Chinese investor can develop the land.

However, one resident said she was informed by a friend three weeks ago that the Ministry will be taking in eight families to identify their plots of land in Parfaite Harmonie, West Bank Demerara. The woman said to date, they have not received that call from the Ministry. She also said they are also seeking information on the plots of land in Zeelugt which were also allocated to another group of families.

In March of this year R&S Investments Incorporated paid in excess of $3 million to the Ministry of Housing for eight low income house lots. The lands were bought for the families who would be displaced when the Chinese company assume ownership of the lands.

The company which will be constructing a shopping mall and an hotel on the land also promised to assist the families with relocating to Region 3 and acquiring a portion of the material to rebuild their homes.

Efforts to contact the Ministry of Housing for a comment were futile.


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