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Investigation launched into Shooting of Police Contstable

aaa2The circumstances surrounding the shooting of Police Constance Leroy English are under investigation according to Police Commissioner Seelall Persaud. The commissioner was answering to queries on the shooting  by a fellow police officer.

The top cop also said he will not be commenting on the heavily tinted vehicle which the police officers were allegedly chasing prior to the shooting of Constable English.

A relative of English who spoke with Capitol News earlier today, said the young officer is trying to figure out why he was shot at by his colleague who knows him.

The relative told this newscast that the young man related to her that he saw the Chase, park his vehicle and was running toward his colleagues when the officer started firing at him. According to the relative, English told her that he fired two warning shots in the air and was about to fire a third when he was shot in his hand and foot. English was in plain clothes at the time of the incident.

Questioned on the young man’s condition, the relative said yesterday he was vomiting as he complained of the care he is receiving. The woman said English has two wounds however the hospital staff only dressed the wound on his hand, the wound to his foot was cleaned and left exposed. Upon enquiry she was told that the hospital does not have gauze.

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