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Good Hope, ECD land dispute gets ugly

aaa5This land at Lot 225 Good Hope East Coast Demerara is now the center of a dispute between Paul Campbell and Nanda Nandalall.

Campbell said he bought the house and land some 9 years ago; now nine years later he is encountering problems with the purported owner claiming that she sold to him the house and not the land so she decided to build in front of the man’s house. He said he never obtained a transport for the property because he was informed that the land had a ten year lease.

Nandalall who said she has the transport for the land said she has no place to live at the moment so she is building on the land and nobody can stop her from doing so.

Both side are seeking legal advice on the matter but the woman is determined to build while Campbell say that he is becoming fearful his life and family after receiving numerous threats.

Then a woman claiming to be the power attorney arrived on the scene and immediately began an assault on the man to remove from the building.

Both parties are claiming that they informed the police and their attorneys about what is taking place and are proceeding to bring the matter to the court to have a resolution.

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