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Jocelyn Dow says PNC regime killed Dr Walter Rodney

aaa2Today, it was Jocelyn Dow’s turn to take the stand at the Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry. At the time of the bomb explosion that killed Dr Rodney on June 13, 1980, she was not a member of Rodney’s party, the WPA. However, she supported the WPA. She testified about being part of the group that spread the information about how Dr Rodney was killed and by whom; she was convinced that Dr Rodney was taken out by the then Burnham government.

Jocelyn Dow said that the WPA was adept at letting others, including the world press, know about what was happening. At the time of Rodney’s death, she revealed that the WPA was jittery about what would happen next, and hence spreading the information about Dr Rodney’s death was important.

Attorney for the PNC, which was in power when Dr Rodney was killed, is expected to grill Jocelyn Dow on her statements implicating the Burnham administration, as has been the case with other witnesses who made similar charges.

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