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Sooba Locked out of office: breaks in

zzzIt was another round of fighting at City Hall between the de facto Town Clerk Carol Sooba and the Council. When Sooba arrived at her office today she met the doors barred, with new padlocks on. Sooba was sent off on administrative leave by the Council, which Monday passed another motion to get her out of office. But Sooba is not backing down, she is saying the Council’s decision is illegal.

And so, she had no intension of staying out of her office, and her personal security took it upon himself to remove the barriers placed across Sooba’s door.

The Council sent Sooba on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation into the rates and taxes wavier to the owners of the former Strand Cinema.

After making into her office, Sooba then went in full attack mode, firing back at the Council.

Sooba refuted the Council’s allegations that she signed off on a $27 million tax waiver to the owners of the former Strand cinema on the instructions of the Minister of Local Government Norman Whitaker. She then shared with the media a payment slip showing that the owners of the Strand building, Ganga Persaud and Sons, paid the money to the Council.

It was Minister Whittaker who wrote Sooba requesting that the Rates and Taxes be waived for the period of January 2002 – December 2009.

And as the tension intensified, the staff in Sooba’s office expressed security fears. They were instructed by the Guyana Local Government Officers Union to leave the building.

The Council has always maintained that Sooba was imposed on them and she is not working in the best interest of the Council, refusing to carry out the mandate of the Council.

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