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Pike street businessman shot dead

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 8.52.51 PMThe CCTV video at the traffic light can be useful in helping the police track the killers of a Pike Street Businessman.

The businessman and his wife were driving along Vlissengen road approaching the traffic light when gunmen on a CG motorcycle pounced on them. They were shot and robbed of an undisclosed sum of cash, but the businessman’s  injury was fatal.

The dead man was identified as Ashook Raghu 43 of 77 Pike Street Kitty. Sources told this newscast that his wife Shiraz was shot twice, once in the thigh and the foot.

After he was shot he reportedly fell over in a crouching position in the vehicle.  It was public-spirited citizens that rushed him to the hospital where he succumbed.

When we arrived on the scene the police were there diverting the traffic from around the crime scene.

The couple’s children quickly rushed to the hospital as the news of the shooting spread and it was there his daughter spoke to members of the media.

At the hospital police investigators were there speaking to the man’s injured wife.

A police source told this newscast that from all indication the businessman and his wife were traced by the bandits.

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