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Mason shot dead for gold chain

Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 6.41.16 PMMark London a mason/ carpenter was shot and killed in broad daylight in Alley Street, Kaneville, east bank Demerara. His close friend and schoolmate said they were walking along the road when they heard the gunman saying gi mi that thing. He said the man was referring to London’s gold chain.

The man managed to escape the burst of gunshots but London was not so fortunate.  His friend said the man was shooting indiscriminately with bullets shattering the windscreen of this vehicle which was parked on the road. London was shot in the left side chest and collapsed on the road.

The dead man’s brother Collis London said the news of his brother’s death came as a shock since according to him it was less than a hour before he saw his brother and friend walking in the area.

The 24 year old man got engaged a few weeks ago and was to be married shortly Residents could not identify the gunman who managed to escape near the Craig area. The police investigators were on the scene-gathering bit and pieces of evidence as they tried to put the pieces together to bring the suspect to justice.

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