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Citizens air their views on fresh elections

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Citizens air their views on fresh elections

As parliament wait to debate the no-confidence motion against the Donald Ramotar led administration, speculation is rife that Guyana could be heading into general elections soon. Today we took our cameras to the streets to get the take of citizens who told this newscast that after all general elections might be a good option.

The government and the parliamentary opposition parties are at logger heads over a number of issues including the president’s refusal to sign bills passed in the national assembly, the finance minister side stepping parliament and restoring funds cut from the budget. Now the revelations of the Bai Shan Lin log export is of grave concern to the opposition.  Both the APNU and the AFC are adamant that the ruling party needs to be more accountable over taxpayer’s money.

Gun crimes is another major concern to citizens who are calling for tougher laws to deal with the perpetrators.

While the Guyana elections commission is pushing ahead with its claims and objections exercise the ruling party is calling on GECOM to ensure every eligible Guyanese is on the final voters list. The party said it is dissatisfied with the poor PR done by GECOM.

The opposition parties have signalled their readiness to go the polls.

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