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Police hunt gunman who gunned down GWI employee

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 6.52.17 PMMarvin Cumbermack had just dropped off his fiancée home in C field Sophia and was taking the short cut through A field to go back to work when a gunman pounced on him to take away his motor cycle. He was shot and robbed of his CG motorcycle right in front of the Mercy Wings vocational school.

Residents told members of the media it was just around 8 last night when they heard four gunshots. The area is poorly lit coupled with large clump of bushes on the side of the road and the road is in a terrible state. Residents said the area is frequented by criminal elements. They believe that the man was fighting with his attacker who shot him in the stomach.  When the gunshots ended it was then residents discovered the man’s motionless body in a pool of blood. According to residents the man was left lying there for more than an hour before help arrived and when the ambulance came to take the body away they were ordered by the police to put it back on the scene.

His mother-in-law Ingrid Archer said Cumbermack was not deserving of such a gruesome death.

The Guyana Water Inc employee 29 was the first of two children and according to his mother he was her everything. She was tearful and her emotions overtook her when she came face to face with her dead son.

The police were there on the scene taking prints and photographs of the area as they commenced their investigations. Relatives are eager for all the support residents  can  give to  the police so that the perpetrators  can be brought to justice.

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