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Roofing contractor sues Princess Casino for $20 million jackpot

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 6.57.10 PMThe roofing contractor, Somar Shako, is suing Georgetown Investment and Management Service Incorporated, other3wise known as Princess Casino, for a total of $25 million; this amounts to his winnings and other compensation.

Two years ago Shako was issued with a Club Membership Card that allowed him to access the Casino without an identity check or having to produce any documents.

A month ago he visited the casino to play, with the understanding that whatever he won would be paid over.

After playing over forty (40) games on a Slot Machine, the Machine visually announced the Jackpot winnings of $20 million Guyana dollars.

Shako said he was immediately approached by Attendant Supervisor, with a name tag identifying him as one ‘Delon’, who requested his name in order to make payments.

Then up came a manager who asked that Shako to remove himself from the machine, after which the casino manager proceeded to deleted the winning message.

The man was told that the machine was malfunctioning and that as a result they cannot make any payments to him.

Shako further claims that hat there was no notice that the machine was not working when he was allowed to play on it and what’s more at no time did the machine malfunction, as it was accepting the money he was gambling with.

It is claimed that once the Casino learnt the man was taking legal action, they offered him one million dollars, then four million dollars, and called him repeatedly insisting that he accept the offer.

Now, the contractor has gone to court using Attorney’s Rex Mckay’s law firm claiming the $20 million he won, $2 million in losses he suffered as a result of the harassing phone calls, and a further $3 million for breach of contract and interest where applicable.

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