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Police still unable to unearth files for Rodney Inquiry

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 6.57.50 PMCrime Chief Leslie James returned to the stand in the Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry, where he informed the commission that he was still unable to locate the seven missing files pertaining to surveillance of the Working People’s Alliance under the Burnham regime.

James who began his testimony in June promised to conduct an extensive search for files numbered 1-7. The Crime Chief at the commencement of his testimony was only able to produce three files numbered 8-10.

The Crime Chief also in his testimony made reference to a personal file on the late Historian, which also cannot be located.

However, coming out in the Crime Chief’s testimony, was that surveillance was also being conducted on Gregory Smith, the man who allegedly gave Dr. Walter Rodney the Walkie Talkie which contained the bomb, that later exploded and killed on June 13, 1980.

According to the documents produced by the Crime Chief, no trace was requested based on the notation. However no attempt was made by Lawyer to the Commission Laskmi Rahamat as to how that was possible, given that Smith was also the subject of surveillance by the Special Branch of the Guyana Police Force.

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