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Vendors claim harassment by City Police

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 6.32.24 PMSome city vendors are calling for a level playing field in their quest to ply their trade and for the harassment by some members of the city constabulary to stop.

Now those complaints leveled against members of the constabulary are prevalent according to mayor Hamilton Green. Green told this newscast he would issue a call for a complete public investigation and an inquiry into what is taking place in the city.

The mayor then went after the minister of local government for side stepping the council and other senior officers and deals with selected officers and the town clerk.

On Tuesday this single parent  Atisha Coates was arrested and slapped with four charges by members of the city constabulary after she refused to remove from blocking the pavement. She said she was warned on a number of occasions to move but had no where to go so she questioned the constabulary’s decision since in her view big businesses are encroaching on the council’s reserve and pavement but are not treated the same.

She said the constables verbally and physically abused her, but a source told us that they was a scuffle between the woman and the constable.

Today when we took our cameras to the streets it clearly shows that what goes for one does not apply to all. On Robb and Avenue of the Republic, America Street and other streets in the city businesses had their items decked out for display on the pavement. One businessman told this newscast that he has to live.

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