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Army blank on Air Corps records after Rodney’s death

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 6.31.55 PMLieutenant Cargill Kyte served as the Commanding Officer of the Air Corps until December 2012. In sworn testimony before the Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry he claimed ignorance of any of the activities of the Air Corp around the period of Dr Rodney’s death on June 13, 1980 when a walkie talkie he was handed exploded in the vicinity of the Camp Street prison.

What came under question was the claims that one of the Army’s aircraft was used to transport Gregory Smith, a soldier who is accused of handing the walkie talkie with the bomb that exploded killing Rodney.

On Tuesday, the Army’s representative testified that the man widely known as Gregory Smith was listed as William Smith, who was enlisted on July 26, 1975, but disappeared off the Army’s radar after receiving his pay in July, 1979.  

On several accounts, Lieutenant Kyte did not have any information for the Commission, preferring only to say he could not find records, beginning with when he asked about the procedures of the Force around the time Dr Rodney died.

HE was then asked about flights which took place on the day and the few days immediately after the explosion killed Rodney.

The Commission was particularly interested in the activities of one of the Army’s aircraft shortly after Dr Rodney was killed, but again, Lieutenant Kyte had nothing to offer.

Attorney for the Rodney family Keith Scotland expressed frustration that Lieutenant Kyte seemed not to have any general knowledge of the history of the Air Corp of which he was Commanding Officer, the same Air Corp which was only late last year renamed after the man who was Commanding Officer at the time of the Rodney incident Lieutenant Colonel (retired) Lawrence Hillary London, seen in this photo receiving the honour from current Chief of Staff Brigadier Mark Phillips.

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