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Deputy Mayor suing Town Clerk

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 6.28.57 PMThe embattled town clerk Carol Sooba is in some hot water again and this time with the Deputy Mayor Patricia Chase Greene, who is suing the embattled town clerk for in excess of 15 million dollars. The lawsuit was filed by Greene’s attorney Leslie Sobers who is claiming that on July 18th at a press conference the town clerk made some defamatory statements about Greene which are libelous, and calculated to tarnish and damage the reputation in the plaintiff’s private and professional capacity.

Sooba was given an opportunity by Greene to retract her statement but she refused.

Sooba has ten days before she appears in court to answer to the lawsuit. All this is taking place as the rift continues between the government appointee Sooba and the council over several issues. The council is accusing Sooba of not working in the best interest of the city and is failing to carry out the mandate of the council.

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