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GECOM gears to clean up voter’s list

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 6.43.18 PMGeneral Secretary of the ruling PPP Clement Rohee said that party will be studying the constitutional ramifications of GECOM’s announcements of the start of the Claims and Objections period in absence of any official indication from the President for a national election or the Minister of Local government for Local Gov’t elections.

Further, a week before the Claims and Objections period begins, Rohee said GECOM has not made clear if this is in anticipation of Local Government Elections or General Elections.

The PPP said that 37, 000 persons still have to be placed in their constituencies, and this would matter more in Local Government elections.  According to Rohee, failure to be registered in a particular constituency could disqualify them as a voter and also disqualify them for standing for office if they so desire.

Nevertheless, the PPP is urging persons to use the claims and objections period to ensure their names are on the list in the area where they live and to object if there are persons on the list who should not be there.

The PPP continues to face pressure from all quarters to hold Local Government elections, which has not been held since 1994.

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