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Aviation Authority reminds small aircraft operators of guidelines

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 6.46.28 PMThe Guyana Civil Aviation Authority is reminding local aircraft operators about the Convention on International Civil Aviation when landing on hinterland airstrips as a precautionary measure.

The Public Works Minister Robeson Benn was quoted in a press statement saying it was something that had to be done because they are very concerned. He went on to note that recently several aircraft have encountered gusty winds and wind shear conditions that have resulted in damage to such aircraft.

As per standard operation practice, pilots are being reminded of the need to follow the Visual Flight Rules when operating.

The Guyana Civil Aviation Authority, Director-General Zulifar Mohamed said each aircraft has its own peculiar reaction in response to crosswinds, but generally a good crosswind landing begins with a good approach.

The landing phase of local aircraft was explained as very demanding and operators are being advised to have their pilots follow the approved procedures in order to maintain proper approach and landing.

According to the statement if such parameters are not achieved, a go-around or diversion is necessary for pilots to undertake.

The option of the Go-around maneuver, an aborted landing of an aircraft that is on final approach, was also given as alternatives for pilots.

Operators are even being cautioned to ensure that young pilots be taught the necessary skills to operate safely into the hinterland airstrips.

It was outlined that Pilots must be given the opportunity to practice and develop these skills, and must be comfortable operating into small airstrips before they are required to operate as pilot-in-command by their respective companies.

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