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Aubrey Norton contemplates political future

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 6.44.55 PMAfter pulling out of the PNC/R leadership race outspoken politician and long serving party member Aubrey Norton said he is contemplating his political future. Norton said during his campaign that his primary focus if he was elected was to mobilize  and re-organize the party to be a force to be  reckoned with.

Norton said he could not participate in a fraudulent process. He said what is needed is a process with integrity. This was after several of Norton’s supporters walked out of the congress after complaining of not given the opportunity to vote.

Norton then blasted the PNC over the shooting incident..

Norton joined the PNC since in the 70’s and he said whatever is the outcome of the elections he will continue to serve the party whenever his services are needed, but its unclear if his position will be the same.

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