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TIP victim struggling to make ends meet

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 6.54.38 PMFor this 20 year old mother growing up has always been a challenge since her basic needs were not met: She grew up with her Grandmother and things were not always the best at home.

One year ago the young woman ventured into the interior with the hope of being hired as a domestic help at a shop as a way to escape poverty. But it didn’t take long before she was tricked into selling her body for money by the shop keeper. The young woman said after she realized that walking away wasn’t going to be easy she just went along with the rules of the shop keeper.

The woman along with 4 others was rescued by the Guyana Women Miners Organisation during an operation in Tiger Creek Backdam, Region Seven April last year. It was a moment of happiness being rescued the young mother told Capitol News and it was a feeling of freedom she says.

Five human trafficking charges were dismissed against shop owner Ann Marie Carter in the Bartica Magistrate’s Court for the lack of evidence against her in.

The 20 year old said the other women left and did not want to press on with the matter after the repeated push around by the police and Human Services Ministry. She is now homeless and has been moving between various relatives and being constantly reminded of her situation.

If given a chance this young mother plans to use her craft skills whether it’s painting or sewing as a tool to earn and provide for her little one.

Guyana once again remains on the tier two watch list of the US State Department Trafficking in Persons report making it the sixth time the country has received such a ranking.

Being ranked as Tier 2 means Guyana has a high number of victims, or the numbers are significantly increasing. The ranking also suggest that there’s insufficient evidence of acceptable efforts by government to improve anti-trafficking programs.

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