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Jilted lover kills two, sets self alight

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 6.35.23 PMBristol’s partner Ramiro Lovell known as Thin Slice said it was over him the murder of the sex workers stemmed from. He told this newscast that he was plying his trade outside of the St George’s Cathedral when Bristol came up and asked to see him; he said he told that him he was coming with a friend.

Lovell said Bristol became angry and had a verbal altercation with the other sex workers. The suspect then went away and came back with a container reportedly filled with gasoline which he threw on Lovell and the  other male sex workers.

Bristol was rescued from the angry sex workers by an MMC patrol passing  at the time. Bristol reportedly cornered two commercial sex workers Jason Samuels called Jada and Carlyle Sinclair known as Tyra; and he stabbed both  to death. Jada was the first to be discovered dead in Leopold Street while Trya was found in Lombard Street on the pavement.

Then tension boiled over when the MMC security that provided shelter for Bristol turned up on the scene; the sex workers and their friends then went after him.

Bristol was on the run until around 6:00am Sunday morning when he doused himself with gasoline and set himself on fire.

He was rushed to the GPHC where doctors  there tried to save his life. By this time word spread and the commercial sex workers turned up to get a glimpse of the man who murdered two of their friends.

When his body was wheeled out of the hospital to go to the parlour  it was  pandemonium among them .

Meanwhile Bristol’s mother and other relatives were at a loss over the entire episode and they said they were in the dark about the man’s sexual preferences.

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